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  1. University

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    Abertay University

    As my first year of university comes to an end, I was reading the latest issue of .net magazine and came across the article written by Jack Osborne about what to do after leaving university in order to gain employment within the industry. Although I’ve not yet reached that stage yet, there is a few tips that anyone at any stage of education can implement now in order to increase chances.


    Jack states that the portfolio of any work should be in the right order and as good as it can be as that is where potential employers will look first. Students are often encouraged to leave out university work from their portfolio but often that is all students have, and goes back to the old adage that they can’t get a job due to lack of experience but no-one’s willing to offer that experience. In my portfolio, two thirds of it is university based as that is all I have at the moment but another useful tip which I will implement over the summer is to “fake it”. By creating websites for imaginary clients it will give me a chance to improve both my design and coding skills as well as boosting my portfolio.


  2. Twitter Overkill?


    Twitter Overkill!

    As can be seen in my sidebar, I have a twitter account and usually send several “tweets” each day. When I first started using Twitter I had much less followers and wasn’t following as many people as I am now, and I was happy with that as I was still working out what the service was and it’s uses. These days however, I’m following more people and having more conversations and it has proven useful in the past when asking questions and receiving advice both from people I follow and from others. However, I’ve noticed that some people I’ve had to stop following because of the sheer volume of their tweets has made all the other ones get lost in the crowd.


  3. Working holidays?

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    So after having been away on holiday for 10 days and not checking my email too regularly, (twice it was) I managed to accumulate over 100 blog posts to read in my reader, and also received 76 emails in that time. IT has always been an industry which requires constant reading and for employees to remain in touch with the latest developments, but I thought going on holiday would provide a break for people to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. I certainly never thought that I would be accessing work emails whilst away on holiday.

    With participating in the blogging course has meant that I received an email each day from that, plus a large number could be deleted without opening but it was still a chore to come home and plough my way through that load. After a quick search on the net, it seems that a lot of us check our work emails when on holiday. Is this ultimately necessary or is there a better way of managing workloads whilst on holiday? I’m sure there are people with a lot more emails and pressures to manage while away, so how do they do it?

    Also, more people are worried about work and think about it whilst on holiday, and appears to be a growing trend amongst UK workers.

    There must be more to life than working surely?