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  1. New Designs

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    Since starting as the in-house web developer at the National Hyperbaric Centre, I’ve been responsible for designing sites as well as building them. Design is something that I’ve always enjoyed and am really happy I now get to work on live sites that are responsible for generating leads for the business.

    Towards the end of last year, two more sites that I’ve designed and built went live and I would like to share these here.

    nhc Training
    nhc Training is a mini-site solely focused on the training department at the National Hyperbaric Centre, whose main purpose is to advertise our upcoming courses and attract users to book on those courses. The old site had a list of courses but was built with a JS table which meant that the courses were not indexed by search engines, and as a result traffic was fairly low.

    One of the main aims of the site was to increase enquiries and to also increase awareness of the courses that we run. This is monitored in a number of ways, including the number of booking and enquiry forms that we receive and also the increase in traffic from improved search engine performance. I’m pleased to say that since launching the re-design in November we have seen a significant increase in both traffic as well as enquiries. We’re also seeing an increase in traffic coming from search engines which we see as a good statistic.

    DiveCert is a certification and planned maintenance software package designed for the diving industry, and plays a valuable role in maintaining dive systems. The previous site had been left dormant for a while, and during the course of it’s rebrand it was necessary for a new site to be created. We decided to ditch the previous multi-page layout in favour of a one page design as this allowed us to present the information in the best way. Making use of HTML5 video, this site definitely stands out within the industry.

    I’m pleased with both of these sites and am working on a few other redesigns currently which I look forward to sharing here upon completion.

  2. ICT FC Re-Design

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    ICT FC Re-Design

    Having not designed anything from scratch for a while, I was getting that urge again, and with not having a real project to try it on, I decided to make one up. Having been to the football last week and watched a couple of games on tv, I decided to re-visit an idea I first had way back last summer. A football club website.

    There are very few exceptions but the vast majority are truly shocking and stuck full of ads. The official site of my team has all the content squashed into a tiny area which is packed full of ads and has the main body text center aligned! I don’t visit the site too often but it offends me each time I do, and I decided to have a go at designing a replacement which I think could work and could replace the current version.

    There’s a lot of information on football club websites and I wanted to present as much of this as possible, but still making it usable and clear to understand. By arranging the areas into different boxes it gives the content room to breath and also makes it perfectly clear and easy to use.

    This is only the homepage and I may have a go at designing some of the sub pages at a later date, but wanted to put this up here. I’m not overly keen on the footer area as it probably needs more work to it in order to polish it off but I’m quite happy with it overall.

    View the completed visual here and feel free to let me know what you think, good or bad.

  3. MTC Media


    MTC Media

    Having posted my thoughts on university before, both the good and bad points I was in two minds with what to do over the summer as the end of the educational year and holidays approached and I wasn’t sure whether it was worth carrying on or trying to seek employment within the industry.

    I’d become disillusioned with university over the last few months as I felt the course had stalled slightly and I wasn’t picking up as much as I wanted to and felt that a lot of the content we were being taught had little relevance to the industry. (We were still told that table based layouts were acceptable on occasion). As the year finished I was still swithering as to what to do and decided that I’d decide over the summer as there was no immediate rush to make my mind up as the course doesn’t re-start until September but circumstances speeded that process up.

    After a hectic couple of weeks, between completing the university year and everything that’s associated with that, I was offered employment with MTC Media here in Dundee and I was delighted to accept. My role is the front end development of websites and implementing the HTML/CSS/JavaScript, as well as designing and after four weeks of employment I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve learnt a lot in the short space of time in my employment, from the mechanics of how a design agency operates to more technical aspects of coding and designing solutions for clients. Whilst I’ve designed and implemented several websites in the past, it’s much different now that it is my main job role and in a design agency, and I’m really enjoying it so far.

    My knowledge is increasing all the time and at a much faster rate than it would had I stayed in education and for that reason I feel I’ve made the right decision.