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    What do you look for in a good Drupal hosting service? Do you prefer high levels of bandwidth to cope with the bustling empire  of communities you moderate or is functionality such as .htaccess access or is mod rewrite more important in order to enable clean URLs in order to remove the horrible “?=” from URLs more important?

    I’ve recently begun to research hosting options that are capable of handling a high number of databases (unlimited preferrably) in order to cope with several Drupal and WordPress installations whilst still leaving room for expansion as well as providing a reseller function and was overwhelmed with the options available at first. A quick search on brought me to a list of hosts that was created in 2007 and continues through almost to the present day with endless discussion of various hosts and their features which didn’t seem conclusive either way on any host.

    I must admit that is one thing that bugs me about Drupal that some of the documentation leaves a lot to be desired. To me, hosting is a basic requirement and recommendations are commonly requested, but the biggest list is a forum topic which goes on forever it seems. There are other examples where it falls down quite badly, where all it would take is a bit more organisation for the contributors to post documents in a clearer manner for noobs like myself to discover easily.

    So, to sum up, does anyone out there have recommendations for a good reseller hosting account capable of handling multiple WordPress and Drupal (as well as Moodle, Ning and various other software items) installations?