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  1. My First Drupal Theme

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    My First Drupal Theme

    After just completing my first Drupal theme created from scratch, it was a big learning curve trying to style certain aspects of the content, especially some of the Views generated content but that’s a discussion for another day. Wrestling with the different settings and style sheets included with modules took a bit of time and although it’s only a basic theme, I  was quite pleased with it. After completing this and fighting with the code to a certain extent, I was curious what changes would be made to theming in Drupal 7 after the involvement of Mark Boulton and the whole D7UX project. (more…)

  2. Drupal 7 Alpha

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    Drupal 7 Alpha

    Drupal and WordPress are the two Content Management Systems I use regularly when developing sites, and as WordPress updates to 2.9.1, Drupal has recently released the alpha version of the upcoming Drupal 7. Having heard a lot about the progress over the last few months, and of the contribution to the D7UX project by Mark Boulton, I was curious to see what the alpha version would be like and yesterday I downloaded a copy to play with in a local environment and there are a few major noticeable differences from previous versions straight away.


  3. First Steps after installing Drupal

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    Having installed Drupal a fair number of times now, I’ve got into a routine of essential things that I run through for each and every project regardless of the details of that topics, things that are generic to any Drupal installation and thought I would share them here. These are the same steps that I go through each and every time, before adding the project specific modules and functionality etc.


  4. Enable Clean URL’s with 1and1 hosting


    Clean-URLs with 1and1 hosting
    One of the first tasks when performing a brand new installation of Drupal is to ensure that clean urls are enabled in order to remove the horrible “?q=” from the urls in the site. Having a site without clean urls is not only bad for SEO purposes, but creates an extra barrier for users who might remember a certain page on your site. When they return they have to remember to type instead of the format that they are used to. (more…)

  5. Quick Update

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    First off, this is my first post in a while and it’s all my fault – must do better!

    Just a quick update for this post, as myprevious posts show I’m now finished university for the summer and am once again working at Reach Further here in sunny Leeds. It looks like a busy summer as things are going well at work, with plenty to do.

    I’m also planning to brush up on my skills outwith work by attending events like DrupalCamp UK and also Future of Web Design in Glasgow. I do have other posts lined up over the next couple of weeks so will get back in the swing of posting on a more regular basis.