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  1. New Design

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    New Design
    Well as promised a few weeks ago, I have completed the new design of the site. It is a bit different from the previous “working desk” design, but I hope that you like it. There will no doubt be a few tweaks still to do, and as we all know everything we do in in Web Design and Development is a work in progress, so feel free to make suggestions.

    The new design co-incides with my starting University and I will be posting a lot more often as I have let that slip recently with all that has been happening.

  2. Blogging Course

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    As I am new to this blogging malarkey, I am taking part in a blogging course which is being run by Reach Further, my current employers. It has been good so far, although having missed a week due to being on holiday I have a bit of catching up to.

    One of the techniques which I have learnt about is to use Technorati in order to promote the blog, by listing it in their directory of blogs. It seems a good resource of blogs and I have searched there before in order to read blogs by others, but it appears to be one of a number of techniques used in order to promote blogs such as regular updates and user comments which are also taught within the blogging course so hopefully by the end of the nine week course I’ll be well versed in blogging techniques.

    However, I’ve always found writing content to be the biggest obstacle to my writing but I’m getting there slowly. By reading other blogs and also reading magazines and journals I’m finding things to blog about.