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Nlab Social Networks

So tomorrow I will be heading off to one of my first web conferences at the Nlab Social Networks Conference in Leicester, and I must say I’m looking forward to it. The conference is all about social networks and communities andwill cover topics such as the future of social networks in business, from small businesses […]

Firefox 3 released

Well Firefox 3 has been released for download and although I’ve only had it installed for a few minutes, it seems faster than previous browsers. I’ve been using the Beta version and RC-1 versions and was impressed so I was always going to download the final release when available. With the release of Internet Explorer […]

We Tell Stories

I’ve just discovered a new timewaster which may slow down my productivity over at which uses Google Maps and other internet technologies to track the characters and action of the story. The idea was conceived by Penguin, the publishing giant as a digital writing project which harnesses the power of the internet, and uses […]

Design Trends

Like any industry, there are fashions and trends within the web design industry and the glossy style of web page design has been dominant over the past 12 to 18 months. It seemed that every site created during this period had glossy elements to it and the style became synonymous with Web 2.0 and was […]

iPhone Launch Mk2

As with anything that is launched by Apple, there is a huge degree of hype. Who can forget the launch only a few months ago of the Macbook Air, and even the initial launch of the iPhone was one of the most anticipated product launches in history with no-one forgetting Steve Jobs presentation in Las […]

Blogging Course

As I am new to this blogging malarkey, I am taking part in a blogging course which is being run by Reach Further, my current employers. It has been good so far, although having missed a week due to being on holiday I have a bit of catching up to. One of the techniques which […]

Working holidays?

So after having been away on holiday for 10 days and not checking my email too regularly, (twice it was) I managed to accumulate over 100 blog posts to read in my reader, and also received 76 emails in that time. IT has always been an industry which requires constant reading and for employees to […]


Hello! Welcome to the personal blog of Graeme Pirie. I am currently studying and learning all I can in order to move into the web design and development industry, and will be attending the University of Abertay in Dundee in order to study towards a Bsc (Hons) in Web Design and Development. I will be […]

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