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The time element and WordPress

I’m currently in the process of re-designing this site and part of this process means updating it to utilise the latest HTML5 and CSS 3 elements where possible, and as a result of this I’ve used the time element in all dates such as post date and also other dates. The format of the time […]

MTC Media

Having posted my thoughts on university before, both the good and bad points I was in two minds with what to do over the summer as the end of the educational year and holidays approached and I wasn’t sure whether it was worth carrying on or trying to seek employment within the industry. I’d become […]

Rachel Andrew visit

Last week we had a visit from Rachel Andrew to university where she was to give a talk about The Web and The Future, and it was a good talk. She concentrated on the basics that are required to succeed in the industry, and made the point that we were ideally placed to experiment with […]

A good aspect of uni projects

After my rant from the other week, where I questioned the benefits of continuing with my university career, I thought I would highlight one of the benefits of university and the projects that are required to be undertaken. Experimenting with new techniques and technologies can be beneficial whilst trying to get your head around things […]

WordPress Exploit Scanner

Recently I’ve been working on restoring a WordPress blog back to health after it was compromised, and after performing an upgrade to both WordPress itself and all contributed modules, I used the excellent WordPress Exploit Scanner to identify errors and inserted code within files, and it was able to identify that a malicious php script […]

University: Is it worth it?

As some of you may know, I’m now in second year at university, and that was after spending some time at college prior to this. When I left school I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career, and due to circumstances at the time I went to work full-time in an office […]

My First Drupal Theme

After just completing my first Drupal theme created from scratch, it was a big learning curve trying to style certain aspects of the content, especially some of the Views generated content but that’s a discussion for another day. Wrestling with the different settings and style sheets included with modules took a bit of time and […]

Embossed Design

Over the last few months I’ve noticed a trend for websites to feature an embossed style, with large text and other UI elements given an embossed look to add some depth to the design. I admit to being a fan of this style, and have begun incorporating it into recent designs. With the emergence of […]

Drupal 7 Alpha

Drupal and WordPress are the two Content Management Systems I use regularly when developing sites, and as WordPress updates to 2.9.1, Drupal has recently released the alpha version of the upcoming Drupal 7. Having heard a lot about the progress over the last few months, and of the contribution to the D7UX project by Mark […]

University Update

There’s always been a debate within the web industry about whether it’s better to gain a university education or to gain a job within the industry in order to build up a portfolio of work and experience. Having been at university for just over a year and gaining work experience at the same time, I […]

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