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New @font-face syntax

The availability of fonts that can be used has grown massively over the last couple of years, with services such as Typekit and Fontdeck taking the hassle out of serving fonts to the world. Services such as sIFR and Cufon are now largely out-dated unless in certain circumstances (corporate fonts for example may need some […]

Websites can’t look the same, so why try?

It’s an age old argument and one that still rumbles on, but with the expansion of devices, emergence of HTML5 and CSS3 and the continual decline of Internet Explorer and older browsers, it brings it into even sharper focus. It is impossible to make a website look exactly the same on an iPad as it […]

Review: 2010

As it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, I thought the traditional end of year post would be a good place to round up. This year has been quite eventful, as I started the year as a full-time student working part-time from home and ended it out of education and working full […]

ICT FC Re-Design

Having not designed anything from scratch for a while, I was getting that urge again, and with not having a real project to try it on, I decided to make one up. Having been to the football last week and watched a couple of games on tv, I decided to re-visit an idea I first […]

HTML5 – Can we use it?

Last week I inadvertently started a debate at work about how much HTML5 we can use/get away with in client work, with me firmly in the camp of using as much as we can and the HTML5 shiv should be leveraged to serve layouts to IE. For me the advantages outweigh the supposed pitfalls, and […]

CSS Flip Experiment

Having attended the DIBI Conference in April and been witness to the brilliant presentation given by Andy Clarke, I was fascinated with a technique he demonstrated with pure CSS of items appearing to flip over on hover, and wanted to try this for myself. I had the ideal project coming up which was an end […]

Media Queries

CSS media queries have been around for quite a while, with CSS 2 introducing media=screen and media=print also available to create print stylesheets, but CSS3 has added to this with the new media queries which allows much more targetting of browser types. These allow different stylesheets or different rules to be targetted by declaring the […]

Summercamp: One year on

This time last year, I was lucky enough to be at Summercamp down at the Carsonified offices in Bath and thought I’d write an update of the things that have happened in the last year and how the event has helped me in the last 12 months. Summercamp was billed as an event aimed at […]


HTML5 and CSS 3 have been around for a good while now, and more and more of it can be used on client work, although we’re not yet at the stage where we can throw off the strict doctype completely and create extravagant sites using canvas and SVG and all the other css goodness around […]

Site Re-Design

Not even a year since the last re-design, it’s that time again. Whilst I liked the previous design at the time, it wasn’t too long before I started getting the itch to re-do it again. I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the design after a while and recently found the time to re-do it again, keeping […]

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