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Working hours

The subject of working hours within our industry has always been a hot topic, with long hours and “hustling” common place. There seems to be a perception that working late nights and weekends is normal for working within the web industry and within web agencies. Whilst this is often seen as a badge of honour […]

Why MotoGP should embrace SnapChat and open up motorsport

Dorna Sports, the management company behind MotoGP – the premier class in motorcycle racing – recently advertised for a Social Media Coordinator with the role being responsible for all social media output from the organisation for the MotoGP World Championship. Social Media is something that I am close to having previously worked for a social […]

Preload web fonts

Custom web fonts have been around on the web for a number of years, and became much more popular with the advent of services such as Typekit and Fontdeck.  In addition to these font services, there are a number of sites that allow downloading and hosting of custom fonts such as Font Squirrel and Google […]

Do you have a social media strategy?

Social media has exploded over the last few years, and has transformed not only how we interact but also how we do business. As a result of this massive explosion in interest, many businesses opened accounts with almost every social network that was popular, and a lot of the times this was done in order […]

Small Business Newsletter

As part of my redesign and re-branding I am launching a newsletter aimed at small to medium sized business owners with the aim of helping them to improve their online presence. There are lots of resources aimed at business owners and how to improve their websites but these are often scattered around the web and […]

New Start

As I move into taking in more freelance projects, I felt that this site needed to reflect this new focus and as such has become much more business focussed. My aim with this version of the site is to showcase the work I have done for clients and how I can help with your organisation. […]

New Designs

Since starting as the in-house web developer at the National Hyperbaric Centre, I’ve been responsible for designing sites as well as building them. Design is something that I’ve always enjoyed and am really happy I now get to work on live sites that are responsible for generating leads for the business. Towards the end of […]

New C-Tecnics site launched

When I began working at the National Hyperbaric Centre in May, one of my immediate priorities was to redevelop the website of our sister company, C-Tecnics. The company manufactures and distributes subsea equipment such as underwater camera and video systems, and the main aim of the site is to raise awareness of both the organisation […]

Should I use a carousel?

Homepage carousels are almost ubiquitous in web design today, with a almost every homepage having some form of rotating element or another. These have got to the point where they have become a standard feature, and in my last employment I don’t know a site that didn’t have one. There appears to be little research […]

A fortnight in

I have now been in my new employment for a little more than two weeks, and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. The biggest difference to my previous employment is the move from an agency environment working on multiple projects for multiple clients at once, to focussing on a much smaller number of sites […]

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