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New Start

As I move into taking in more freelance projects, I felt that this site needed to reflect this new focus and as such has become much more business focussed. My aim with this version of the site is to showcase the work I have done for clients and how I can help with your organisation. I specialise in working with clients within a framework of a long term strategy aimed at improving their online presence, of which a web site plays a major role.

New Design

With a new business focus, the site has been dramatically re-designed from the previous incarnation which focussed mainly on the blog. The blog is still available on the site, but I wanted to showcase my recent work and services to both existing and potential clients. I have included an image of myself on the homepage as it is ultimately me that I am selling, and I aim to provide the best service as I possibly can.

The site now is more similar in style to an agency website than previous designs have been, and this is the approach that I will be continuing with as time goes on. My long-term aim is to move into full-time freelancing and I needed a site that reflected this aspect and helped me move towards that goal.

New Start

My long term aim is to become a full-time freelance web developer, and my focus is now on achieving that by providing excellent customer service and beautiful websites to a number of clients. My passion lies in creating long term strategies with my clients and helping them to implement and achieve a long term online strategy. A beautiful, easy to use website is an excellent weapon in an organisation’s armoury but that is only the start of the journey.

Business Services

As well as a freelance designer and developer, I am keen to work with organisations in a long term capacity to really deliver improvements to their online offerings. I have experience working in-house with organisations, and doubled traffic to a number of sites as a result of strategic improvements I was able to propose and deliver on. If this is something that interests you, then please feel free to get in touch.

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