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A fortnight in

I have now been in my new employment for a little more than two weeks, and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. The biggest difference to my previous employment is the move from an agency environment working on multiple projects for multiple clients at once, to focussing on a much smaller number of sites and taking the time to complete projects properly and to a high standard. There were times in my previous role where I felt things were far too rushed in order to meet a deadline, and as I am now responsible for the project management in this role then I will be making sure that ample time is allocated to complete each task.

I am particularly enjoying the freedom which comes with the role, and the ability to set the agenda and prioritise the workload so that each task is planned and organised. I also have the freedom of knowing that I’m the sole developer so can make design and development decisions without fear of handing over the project to another developer. However, it has to be developed in a way that is easily maintained by anyone else as well as myself.

The plan at the moment is to make some minor tweaks and content updates to the existing sites before commencing a full redesign and development. Before this can happen though, a full strategy has to be documented and agreed which indicates the long term plan for the website and where it sits within the organisation, both in terms of marketing strategy and organisational changes. This is a challenge that I am really looking forward to working on, as I have been wanting to work on a long term project like this for a while and develop a long term strategy.

It’s only two weeks in but I really am enjoying it so far.

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