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New Beginnings

Well after 3 great years working for mtc, this week saw me say farewell to everyone there and begin working for the National Hyperbaric Centre as the web developer.  I enjoyed my time at mtc and was privileged to work on a large number of different sites, which presented a number of challenges. I learned a lot over the time I was there, and will be eternally grateful for the opportunity I was given there to earn experience within this industry.

However, all good things come to an end and I was delighted to accept an offer from the National Hyperbaric Centre to become their web developer, and work on redeveloping the portfolio of sites they have under their control. Now this is a very different role from what I was used to at mtc where I worked primarily on the front end of websites for a large number of clients, where as I will now be working on a much smaller number of sites but undertaking all aspects of the site from content strategy, visual design and development. It offers a chance to look at the long term strategy of the sites and the ability to develop them over a longer term timescale. The chance to watch a website grow over time and see the real benefit it will bring to a business was one I could not afford to miss and I’m really looking forward to the challenges over the months and years ahead.


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