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Geolocation has been around in the spec for a while, but hasn’t really taken off on the desktop as yet. It’s hugely common in mobile apps for it to ask for your location, but rarely for websites to request this information. Such information can provide localised information relevant to where the user is, and whilst hugely beneficial on mobile devices when out on the go, such information can be put to good use on the desktop as well.

One example where this is used effectively is on the Pizza Express website, where upon sharing of your location will display the nearest restaurant to where you are, and contact information for the restaurant as well as a clear call to action to book a table at the restaurant.

Such a simple use of this technology is effective and one which I feel provides a lot of benefit to the user and could be easily implemented onto more on sites. Coming up I will demo how to create a simple call to ask for the user’s location.

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