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Content First

Ever since iOS 5 introduced the reader function into safari, more and more often I’ve found myself using it more and more. When a site loads, instead of tapping and zooming around the adverts and other distractions, a quick tap on the reader button and I get my content, with no distractions.

When I visit a site on my phone, quite often it’s through an app such as Flipboard or Readability which lets me read the article I want and doesn’t distract me with other unnecessary elements which take my focus away from the content. And regardless of device, I visit websites to read the content and more and more the thought of tapping and zooming around puts me off to the point where I will use Reader or a read it later app.

This is one of the reasons why I am a fan of a content first approach to design where the sites content is put first, and the site fleshed out from there where the focus is placed on the content, and anything added is to the benefit of the site, and not purely decorative or marketing driven. Starting this way ensures that every design decision is how it will affect the content and cuts down the number of unnecessary distractions. We’re getting pretty good at filtering out all the marketing and other information we’re not interested in as we get it from tv, radio, billboards etc and now websites. We users much prefer our content first please.

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