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Content Management Systems

The majority of websites have some way for clients to manage their content, either every aspect of the site or certain parts of it, and too often this fact is almost forgotten and it has a detrimental effect on the site overall.

How many times are sites built and then a cms hastily handed over to the client laden with options allowing them to change a number of styles including font-sizes, line-heights, colors etc after these have all been carefully considered and crafted in the CSS already?

I’ve heard the words “they’ve ruined it” way too many times after a client has been given access and a large part of the blame for that is down to us as developers and project managers for not providing adequate information and systems in place. Sites designed way before seeing any content or content samples, or tinymce packed with every option under the sun allowing for all sorts of styles to be applied inline overwriting our hard work. We need to take ownership of our sites and restrict the options available to website owners as well as providing adequate training to clients so that they get the best use out of the site. It’s not just their site that will suffer, our businesses suffer as the wee link at the bottom of the page tells every visitor who built it and poorly presented information reflects on us as well as the client.

Next time a client “ruins” a site through the CMS, really question if it’s them who’ve failed or us for not providing an adequate service.

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