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2011: A Review

Things have been pretty quiet here recently, though by contrast 2011 was an eventful year both personally and professionally. During the course of the year I completed many interesting projects at work, had my first speaking engagement at Dundee Web Standards, moved house and got engaged to a beautiful girl. An eventful year I’m sure you’ll agree!

The highlight professionally was when I agreed to do a short talk about Responsive Web Design at Dundee Web Standards in August, and I enjoyed doing it and will maybe do more speaking in the future. I’ll admit to being a bit nervous before grabbing the mic, but once I got started it seemed to go pretty well. Responsive design is a topic I’m highly interested and a strong supporter of so I had plenty to say on the topic.

Just before the talk I re-designed this site slightly both in terms of look and also converted it to a responsive layout, although I’ll admit to neglecting it a bit of late. I added a Labs section with great intentions of using it to host experiments and little snippets I’ve worked on but this year I intend to get this up and running properly. I also intend to start writing more, as the last post was in February and is the longest I’ve gone without adding new content. There are several drafts waiting to be finished that I can complete and push to the site.

All in all 2012 will be a busy year and I personally can’t wait to see what is in store after a fantastic 2011.

The highlight undoubtedly was getting engaged and plans are well underway for our wedding next January – complete with it’s own website which I am currently working on and will announce the details of in due course.


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